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15 Fair Isle Knit Toque Patterns

Since I designed the Mission Hill Toque I have been itching to make even more Fair Isle Beanies for my fall markets. Anyone else already prepping for fall markets? Fingers crossed we can still have them this year! I wanted to share some of my favorite Fair Isle Knitted Toque Patterns with you, in case you are prepping for markets too. 

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Leah and Stitch Pinterest Fair Isle Toques

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Here is the List of My Top 15 Favorite Fair Isle Toque Patterns:

1. Aspen Beanie -MbyMKnitwear

First up is the Aspen Beanie. I saw it back when I was mainly crocheting and it made me want to pick up my knitting needles again!  It is definitely on my to make list, the geometric design is stunning!


You can find the pattern for the Aspen Beanie here.

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2. Autumn Scene Beanie - The Rookie Hooker

Have you seen Ola’s Instagram page? It is so bright and colourful, just like all of his designs.  The Autumn Scene Beanie is no exception, just look at that bright yellow colour he used.  

You can find the Autumn Scene Beanie Pattern here

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3. Horizons Beanie - All About Ami

Stephanie from All About Ami is always coming out with beautiful designs, in both knit and crochet! She is also one of the sweetest people you will meet! 

While the Horizons Beanie may not seem like a traditional fair isle toque, having the alternating rows of colour is a great way to get used to using different colours in your knitted toques!

You can find Stephanie’s blog post and pattern here

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Check out her website here.

4. Jasper Beanie - The Hook Nook

Who doesn’t love Jessica from The Hook Nook, she has put out some amazing patterns and now has here very own line of yarn! The Jasper Beanie would be a great pattern to knit if you are just getting into colourwork!

You can find the Jasper Beanie pattern here.

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Check out Jessica's website here.

5. Kingston Hat - Peony Knits

These Kingston Hats look so cozy! This toque has the classic ribbed brim look with beautiful colourwork.

You can find the Kingston Hat pattern here

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Check out their website here

6. Knit Tea Beanie - Lady Jay Crochet

It is not a secret, I love tea and I am not a fan of coffee.  So I love how Justyna from Lady Jay Crochet didn’t leave out us Tea lovers with this pattern! 


You can find the Tea Beanie Pattern here

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7. Little Hearts Pattern - Knifty Knittings

Destiny from Knifty Knittings is seriously the best pompom maker out there!  Like just look at the pompom in her Little Heart Toque. This toque would be perfect for a Valentines Day gift! 

You can find the Little Hearts Fair Isle Pattern here.

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Check out Destiny's website here.

8. Mission Hill Toque - Leah & Stitch

Of course I had to add the Mission Hill Toque to the list, because I just can’t stop making these toques! And I hope that you will love this pattern just as much as I do!

Mission Hill Toque - Leah and Stitch

You can find the Mission Hill Toque Pattern here.

Read the Blog Post about it here

9. Moosey Slouchy - Knits and Knacks

The Moosey Slouchy Toque has such a Canadian feel to it with the adorable Moose.  I love how this pattern has the option for with or without ear flaps!

You can find the pattern here.

Check out their website here.

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10. The Mountainer Toque - Sea to Sky Designs

The Mountaineer Toque is almost like a landscape painting, the tree scene is just beautiful!

You can find the Mountaineer Toque Pattern here

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Check out their website here.

11. Peace Sign Hat - Two of Wands

Alexandra from Two of Wands has to be one of my favorite pattern designers. With each pattern she designs she knocks it out of the park and this toque is no exception. The Peace Sign Hat was designed for Lion Brand Yarn Hat Not Hate anti-bullying campaign. If you have not heard of Hat Not Hate, I encourage you to check out this great initiative here.

You can find the Peace Sign Hat Pattern here

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Check out her website here

12. Sanguine Beanie - Morthunder

Morgan from Morthunder is such a bright and positive individual, I guarantee that if you follow her on Instagram she will have you smiling in no time! Morgan’s Sanguine Beanie is the perfect test if you are nervous about making her Sanguine Sweater Pattern! 

You can find the Sanguine Beanie Pattern here

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Check out Morgans website here.

13. Sedona Double Brim Beanie - Kittys Knitty Creations

What I love about this toque is the colourwork is actually in the brim which is different from most Fair Isle Toques you see!

You can find the Sedona Double Brim Beanie Pattern here.

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14. Skyfall Beanie - Knits and Knacks

I have two patterns from Knits and Knacks on this list, mainly because it was so hard to choose just one fair isle pattern from them! There are so many awesome designs that I think you should go check out the rest for yourself!

You can find the Skyfall Pattern here.

Check out their website here.

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15. Winterfell Fairisle Beanie - Smeeny Beanie Knits

Where are my Game of Thrones fans? The Winterfell Beanie looks super cozy, and is perfect for keeping those in House Stark warm!

You can find the Winterfell Fair Isle Beanie Pattern here.

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Check out their website here.

That concludes the list of toques, I hope you found a couple patterns you like!

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Stay Warm and Happy Knitting,


 *With the exception of the Mission Hill Toque picture, all other pictures in this blog post belong to each individual designer. 

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