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Mini Toque Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I remember my Grandma teaching me how to make these cute little Christmas ornaments. They are the perfect addition to any Christmas tree or holiday gift! It is a simple project that you can even do with kids to help them get into the holiday spirit.

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This project is great for using up small scraps of yarn that you don’t know what to do with. You can use any weight of yarn that you have lying around.


  • Scrap Yarn
  • Toilet Paper Roll
  • Scissors 


How to Make The Mini Toque Ornament

Start by cutting your toilet paper roll into approximately 1.5 inch sections.

Next you will cut your yarn into approximately 15 inch stripes.  Depending on what weight of yarn you use, you might need more or less yarn.  I like my ornaments to be fuller so I use approximately 20 stripes for bulky weight yarn.

After you have prepared the yarn and the toilet paper roll it is time to assemble your ornament! You will tie each strand of yarn onto the toilet paper roll, until you have the yarn evenly spaced around the roll. To tie the yarn onto the roll, first fold the strand in half and then insert into the tube.

You will then pull the ends of the yarn through the loop and pull the yarn tight, being careful not to pull to tight and squish the toilet paper roll. 



Once you have all the yarn attached, pull all yarn strands through the center of the roll. This cleans up the bottom of the toque, to give a nice clean edge. 

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Gather all strands together, with another piece of yarn, tie together all strands leaving some yarn at the top.  This will create the pompom for your mini toque! At this point you will use your scissors to trim the pompom, so that all yarn strands are approximately even.


Next add a string so you are able to hang your ornament on the tree!

I hope you enjoy this fun and simple holiday craft!

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