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Anneliese Scarf

 The Anneliese Scarf pattern was the second crochet pattern I designed.  I love the look of super long bulky scarfs, so I decided to make my very own! There is multiple ways you can wear this scarf, hanging long, or wrapped up to create extra warmth around your neck.

Continue reading to find out what yarn and skill set you need to be able to make this pattern! 

You can find the pattern on Etsy, Ravelry Lovecrafts, and here on the website.

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Annelise Scarf Leah and Stitch

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I am sure you can see by now that I love using Lion Brand Thick and Quick, for lots of my designs.  It is such a great yarn to work with and very affordable. Wool Ease Thick and Quick washes well, I have even put them in the washing machine, although I never put them in the dryer and always air dry any of my crochet or knit makes. 


This is a beginner crochet pattern, you will need to know the following techniques: single crochet, double crochet, chain, working flat in back and forth rows and adding fringe.


Buy the pattern on Etsy

Buy the pattern on Ravelry.

Buy the pattern on Lovecrafts

Buy the pattern here on the website.

Or Pin it for Later! 

Annelise Scarf - Leah and Stitch 

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